Get Your Company Ready For POPI Today!

Is your business ready for POPI? This new data privacy law (which recently came into effect) means that protecting your company’s data and information system against data hacks and leaks, has become more critical than ever before.

All companies across South Africa will have to comply with new rules that seek to protect privacy by regulating how personal information is collected, processed, managed and stored. But, it isn’t just about protecting the personal information of employees, customers, and other companies. The new law seeks to regulate how your business goes about obtaining, using and securing personal info such as names, ID numbers, contact info and addresses.

There are loads to do to ensure your business is compliant and to avoid hefty fines in case of data theft or leaks. From updating your company policies (such as Data Security Policy, Privacy Policy, Incident Response Policy, Non-Disclosure Agreements, etc.) to ensuring that staff are adequately trained to work in line with the new POPI rules. Also, keep in mind, your company might require an essential upgrade to technology and security to safely process and safeguard information.

Our POPI Workshop is specially designed to help you unpack and explore the Protection of Personal Information Act and how it will affect your business. Our Workshop breaks down the law so it becomes simple and easy to understand and includes topics such as the conditions for lawful processing of personal information, the role of the information officer, the supervision, and enforcement by the Information Regulator as well as penalties and other sanctions that may be imposed for contravening the Act. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to identify key areas of concern for your organization and be in a better position to manage the requirement of POPI.

Here’s how you can sign-up for the workshop.

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